“TEd’A arquitectes have revisited and evaluated sites and buildings, customs and memories, manufacturers, tradesmen and individuals involved in the local construction industry. A precise knowledge of the physical and lived heritage has become a conceptual lens through which their own thinking and behaviour, their analysis of phenomena worthy of being carried forward, has been focused. […] Their goal is the symbiotic relation between life and architecture, not architecture for its own sake.

TEd’A arquitectes transformed the local vernacular. […] Such transformed references, homages, reinterpretations are the architects’ hallmarks: evolution instead of revolution. […] Their power of imagination is applied to adapt precedents to a task at hand.

Alvaro Siza is right when he maintains that “architects don’t invent anything, they just transform reality”. The question is, in which direction is this transformation being taken? TEd’A arquitectes work suggests that reality can be transformed one building at a time, foregrounding authenticity instead of originality by paradigms rather than icons.”

Wang, Wilfried. “Transformations and Paradigms: On the Built Work of TEd’A arquitectes”. El Croquis. N.196 (II) TEd’A arquitectes 2010-2018